Empowering founders
by breaking down barriers and unlocking the power of information

Great legal support is being gatekept by law firms using complex language and unreasonable hourly legal fees. Current legal tech providers offer standardised templates that fail to provide the tailored support you need, leaving you with little understanding of your legal risks and needs.

SuLe is founded by experienced lawyers and technologists passionate about bridging the legal gap for startups. We believe in clear, accessible, and affordable legal processes, empowering founders to focus on what truly matters – your business growth.

Our values

Guided by our values, we strive to empower founders on their entrepreneurial journey, providing you with the support you need to succeed.
We believe all founders deserve a  chance to realise their dreams, regardless of background.
We strive to foster a culture of expertise, where founders feel like they can place confidence in us.
We want to enable founders to focus on what really matters – putting their ideas into the world.

Who is SuLeHub?

We are a collective of accomplished lawyers from renowned law firms, specialising in providing invaluable support to the most innovative startup ventures. Brought together by a shared concern of how inaccessible good, affordable and reliable legal support is for emerging ventures, our team is determined to bridge the gap. We’re driven by a passion to level the playing field, and we’re on a mission to democratise the startup landscape by offering trustworthy legal assistance to new and early-stage startups. 

Currently in the process of building a beta version of our product, we invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us. Stay tuned for our upcoming launch, as we strive to empower startups and pave the way for their success.

Our lawyers have worked at some of the best law firms

What our startups say

Your knowledge, advice and approach was amazing. You are exactly who I enjoy working with and not what I expected from big scary lawyer.
David Cullingham
Founder, Buoogle
SuLe’s lawyers are extremely hardworking, knowledgable about the startup world and dedicated to helping young startups grow. They go above and beyond! Their communication is amazing, they’re never difficult to get hold of and always reply promptly. SuLe is very reasonably priced and works with you to help you find an option which is best for you. I am so glad I found them!
Adam van Loen
Founder, Hitchwise Limited
We found SuLe when we were looking to work with a company that could guide us through some of our legal issues and provide affordable legal support. Would recommend for any start-up just starting out!
Bradley Collins
Founder, LegalTechTalk
Working with SuLe has ensured we continue to put in place the right documentation and contracts to set a solid foundation for the business' future growth. Having initially tried an online legal tech solution that provided zero advice and gave us no confidence, the switch to SuLe was really refreshing. SuLe are financially accessible, personable and work super efficiently, covering everything a fast-moving start-up needs.
Chris Purdie
Founder, Receiptable
We started working with SuLe lawyers this year as our legal partner. To date they have been extremely informative with the help that they have been able to provide us for our start up preparations. The process has been smooth and efficient and we look forward to continue working with them.
Nadine Campbell
Founder, Pitch Black Ventures