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What you should know about a shareholder's agreement

A “shareholders' agreement” is an important legal document in the investment industry, serving as a safeguard for both the shareholders and the company itself. We want to provide you with the top 10 things you should consider when thinking about your shareholder’s agreement and get past the legal jargon that surrounds it. Let’s dive in!

What do I need to know about legal compliance

Founders that fail to investigate their legal compliance risk fines, penalties, damage to reputation and a complete resource drain. But we get it! When founders hear “compliance’, white noise runs through their ears. It’s made unnecessarily complicated and boring. Let’s try to help share some light on the top 10 tips you should consider.

Top tips when considering your cyber security

Thinking about cybersecurity can feel like a complex task — particularly, for those with limited resources and expertise. Smaller companies often face a learning curve when it comes to safeguarding themselves against ever-evolving cyber risks. But it doesn’t need to be so difficult, and we've provided you with some hacks that you should know about how to get started.

How to protect your company’s most valuable asset – intellectual property

Your startup’s most important asset is its intellectual property (“IP”), so why risk it being taken or abused? Often, a company’s IP is what VCs consider as the highest value in a tech startup, so understanding and protecting it is essential. Within this captivating material we'll embark on a journey delving into the realm of IP. Our objective? Equipping you with knowledge and insights that will propel your start-ups growth into overdrive. So, let's dive in!

How to build your dream team the right way

Looking to build a team for your startup? It's a phase that requires guidance and expertise. At SuLe we understand the importance of having the right people behind your venture. As they say... a company is only as strong as its weakest link and bad foundations could lead to bad businesses.

Empowering founders to navigate legal challenges

Accelerate your startup’s growth and conquer legal hurdles with our innovative online platform. Simplify your startup legal journey with SuLe.