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What is Sule?
SuLe is a legal company dedicated to simplifying legal processes for early-stage startups, with a mission to redefine the way legal services are provided through its innovative online platform. SuLe offers expert guidance, resources, and tools to navigate the complex legal landscape. Expect top-tier legal support, without the cost of traditional law firms.
What type of legal services do you offer?
SuLe offers high-quality personalised legal support to start-up founders and entrepreneurs. The team of experienced lawyers are from various international top-tier law firms providing corporate advisory legal services such as incorporating a company, fundraising support, employment law, how to protect your intellectual property, data protection, commercial, dispute resolution and across the board commercial contracts review.
How much do your services cost?
While SuLe generally offers one free 20-minute legal consultation (a choice of either a term sheet review, investment readiness check or legal consultation), we provide various legal packages besides individual legal advisory services, prices depend on the mode of legal work to be carried out either drafting or reviewing. Our prices start from £170, and we provide fixed priced quotes. As long as you provide full and complete information, we will honour our price so that you have peace of mind so that you're not going to have unexpected legal costs down the line.
What is different about you from other legal services and providers?
We are providing access to lawyers for a fraction of the cost by leveraging technology. You can be reassured that you will be getting traditional law firm quality, without the price. We are providing an online platform that will allow you to manage your legal obligations and access lawyer support, all in one place.